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Excellence through leadership.

The fundamentals of leadership
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The skills to not only manage but lead people in your business.
How to get the best out of your teams

Gallup released a study that said 33% of people at any time are looking to leave their job, and the principle reasons for this are: poor leadership and lack of recognition. Of these the studies show the main driver for demotivation is a bad or poor boss because fundamentally we are not taught how to lead or manage people.

Synapse leadership is a structured programme that gives you the key takeaways and tips, such as how to recognize and deal with fear, rejection, how to structure a meeting, set realistic goals and how to negotiate.

These have led to a 25% reduction in staff turnover, 73% reduction in safety related accidents, 29% increase in production and output. People are the heart and soul of any business and they need to be upgraded and maintained as you would do the machinery or equipment in your office.

Excellence through leadership.
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