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Excel Quick Essentials Course For Business

Learn several Excel office tips to help on a daily basis for Excel spreadsheets
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How to print Excel spreadsheets properly - with no cut off words, tables or charts
How to watermark Excel spreadsheets successfully- perfect for confidential or 'draft' work
How to navigate a spreadsheet more productively
How to quickly build a column chart in under 5 minutes
How to quickly build a table in under 5 minutes
How to cut/copy and paste data concisely

This Excel quick starter business course is designed for those who need an immediate grounding in Excel office productivity basics.

Aimed at Office users such as Business Owners, Project Managers, Administration staff and Junior Analysts, in less than an hour, you will learn the basics to help on you any Excel report you have such as how to save Excel files as PDFs, how to print Excel spreadsheets properly (with no cut off bits...) and how to build an Excel bar chart and table, each in under 5 minutes.

This course has been designed to give you the immediate Excel basics you need to help you work quicker and smarter with your spreadsheet in the office on a daily basis (especially when you have a deadline).

Course highlights:

-Its very short (less than 45 minutes); you can learn everything in one lunch break at work.

-All the lectures are short and independent of each other; so you can watch in any order.

-All the workbooks are supplied

-Full tutor support is given

-Lifetime access to lectures

Remember Excel is one of the most used tools in the office. Knowing these tips we teach will make you work much more productively. All these tips can be used in any type of spreadsheet work regardless of the industry and job.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Excel Quick Essentials Course For Business
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