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Excel: Core Data Analysis, and Workbook Customization

Customizing the User Interface, Functions, Custom Formatting, Data Validation, PivotTables, Charts, Macros, Printing , +
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QUICKLY Navigate Through Your Excel Workbooks
SAVE TIME with Keyboard Shortcuts
TRACK the Changes Users Make to Your Spreadsheets
CREATE a Data Entry Form Fast with Excel's Built-In Form Tool
CREATE Functional Tables with a Couple of Keystrokes
SORT Data with Your Own Custom Sort Lists
QUICKLY Format Your Charts
CREATE PivotTables & PivotCharts
SET UP Printing the Way You Want
PROTECT Your Excel Workbooks
CREATE Simple Time-Saving Macros
... and much more!

You use Excel.  You want to use it faster.

Faster Excel with Less Stress, That is What You Will Get By Enrolling In This Course.

By the end of this course, you will learn over 70 ways to:


↳ Learn TIME SAVING Analysis Tools, and FORMULAS

↳ Have DATA VALIDATION Help You Restrict What Users Can Enter Into Your Workbooks

↳ CONDITIONAL FORMATTING Your Data for Faster Analysis.

↳ Create TABLES, and CHARTS Quickly.  Learn About SPARKLINES, and How to Create a SECONDARY AXIS.

↳ See How Easy it is to CREATE PIVOTTABLES

↳ PRINTING Done Right.

↳ Learn to Create Simple MACROS


ENROLL Right Now, and Join the Over 3,700 Others Who Decided to Become a Better Excel User.

Excel: Core Data Analysis, and Workbook Customization
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