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Excel VBA Tutorial: Project-based Learning to Win Efficiency

Learn to save your time and efforts coding like a pro in your Excel VBA sheets in just four hours with this Excel VBA tutorial
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You'll no longer be frustrated with compiling data from hundreds of sheets and workbooks.
You'll be confident in doing just any kind of work on multiple sheets or workbooks.

Did you know that you can learn to automate almost anything you do in Excel? You can save your time and efforts by delegating all routine and repetitive tasks and functions to a computer with Excel VBA (Virtual Basic for Application). Doing so manually can require ages while with some few lines of code in your Excel VBA sheets, you can do the same amount of work in seconds. And then hang around at the coffee machine in your office. Find out how to learn the magic in this Excel VBA tutorial which is the 3rd part of my VBA training series. You can find the first course of the series here.

How will you benefit from learning in an Excel VBA tutorial?

VBA is a programming language which is embedded into MS Office. That means it can serve for you to trigger passive macros by receiving your emails in Outlook and help you generate emails with necessary information. It will also process data in Excel. You’ll be able to handle the data in an Excel VBA worksheet, add VBA for each worksheet and then send it out to your beautiful PowerPoint presentation with ease. Also, if you keep in mind to write a user-friendly code, after completing this Excel VBA tutorial, you’ll be able to share your script. Other colleagues will be able to modify the macro, and they won’t have to bother you every time they need to change the data in one column or when they want to know how to select a sheet in VBA. Working with loops in your worksheets, VBA will enable you to loop through a range of cells by writing only a few code lines.

These are only the starting advantages that you’ll notice almost instantly after you learn and start working with Excel VBA sheets. Now it’s time to see the plan of how you are going to learn all this stuff.

What will you learn in this Excel VBA tutorial?

The best thing is that it’s going to be project-based learning, where you’ll immediately use the theory in your own fresh Excel VBA worksheets. And my job doesn’t stop in this course. After you learn how to make an Excel worksheets a VBA coding playground, I’ll be there to support you in case of difficulties.

The main topics that you’ll study in this course include:

  • Basics of working with an Excel VBA worksheet and workbook, how to add VBA for each worksheet. You’ll see it for yourself why it is good to declare objects and classes.
  • Proper mentioning of dim and set statements when you deal with objects and classes in Excel VBA sheets.
  • Working principles of VBA when writing syntaxes, collection loops which are very simple to learn and implement. We’ll discuss the object hierarchy, its methods and properties, how to select a sheet in VBA and other methods.
  • You’ll learn exploiting loop through different worksheets in one workbook and even several workbooks one by one when you open them. You’ll learn how to use collection loops to copy data from several workbooks going to separate worksheets, copying data and pasting it in a single workbook.
  • You’ll understand what is a dot operator and the principles of classifying objects in VBA.
Learn with passion

I’ve been teaching online for more than 5 years with a great passion for sharing what I know and contribute to shaping my students’ career for the better. Enroll this Excel VBA tutorial and in just 4 hours, learn essential skills like adding VBA for each worksheet that will help you save a lot of time.

Excel VBA Tutorial: Project-based Learning to Win Efficiency
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