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Excel VBA to PDF Forms Mastery Course

Stop Filling Forms the Hard Way, Use Excel To Automate Your Workflow!
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Instantly Fill PDF Forms with Excel Data - Small or Huge Forms!
Dynamically Manipulate PDF Buttons, Drop-downs, Checkboxes, Option buttons AND so much more. . .
Learn the Top 2 Methods of Manipulating PDFs
Save Up To $439.99 by Using FREE Pdf Editor or Recommended Bargain Tool (Just $19.99)
Auto-Magically Add Form Fields to a Scanned Pdf Using Special "Recognition Mode" - Save Hours!

PDFs are everywhere! They are the most common document format and chances are your company is using them.

Most companies spend hours filling out the same forms day in and day out, such as leases, invoices, contracts, new employee packets, Tax Forms, Loan documents and the list goes on!

In this course, we explore a new method to automate your workflow - utilizing the power of Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic to dynamically populate your PDF forms. I’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a little-known filetype called an FDF file which stores PDF form data!

You’ll learn how to add and populate PDF checkboxes, option buttons, drop-downs, text boxes,  and list boxes. I’ll also teach you how to merge pdfs, manipulate page order, and even Auto-Magically add fields to scanned documents using a special “Recognition Mode”. I’ll even reveal the best programs to edit pdfs (without paying 400-500 dollars on expensive programs like Adobe Acrobat Pro)!

You’ll get several template files with full source code so you can get started right away, and I also include several exercises to keep you on track. In each of my short progressive videos, you’ll learn another technique to help you accomplish your goals. With lifetime access, you can return to review the lessons at any time, and the forum is always here to help. We also include a Full 30 day money back guarantee!

Join today and start taking control of your workflow. I’ll see you in the forums!

Excel VBA to PDF Forms Mastery Course
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