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Excel VBA LOOPS & IF - MIS Analytics Series2

Know everything about basic & complex loops using IF functions. Fantastic in-depth discussion with lot of examples
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You will become master in resolving the complex loops . You will know the for next , do loops, and if functions. How to write subloops in loops with use of IF functions. You will start feeling like a programmer after watching these chapters.
  • In this course - we are taking a deep dive into Loops and IF Functions .

  • Detailed discussion on for next loops - their use and significance . How to mold them in different ways and use in your projects.

  • Discussion on Do -While loops from very basic level.

  • Which loop is better or how about making a choice in loops over each other.

  • Learn loops using the basic and complex patterns in order to get mastery.

  • Detailed discussion on IF functions and their different syntax's. For example, Single IFs, IF AND, IF OR and Nested IFs.

  • How to handle hundreds of conditions in one go using IFs.

  • What is the syntax of writing them. How they are used in Loops. How to write Loops and IF together to make awesome projects.

  • What is a Case select statement- how it can be an alternate to IF conditions.

  • Whether it is a combination of IF with For next or Do Loops - we are discussing everything here taking great examples.

  • How to write sub-loops in loops- you will find all relevant information here.

  • Assignments for your practice and to monitor the self performance as to how well we understood the series and use of Loops along-with IF Functions.

    To help you in growing faster and be able to the assignments ,questions prepared for you an Online assistance to students is also given personally by me. Students can ask questions related to the loops series and get their doubts cleared on immediate basis.

Excel VBA LOOPS & IF - MIS Analytics Series2
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