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Excel Ultimate Course - From 0% to 100%

Learn from 3 Microsoft Certified Trainers!
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Foundation Level - Navigate Excel Interface, Create a New Workbook Template
Foundation Level - Use and understand basic formulas
Foundation Level - Perform Spell check
Foundation Level - Apply Border & Formatting, Number format
Foundation Level - Print a spreadsheet
Foundation Level - Use the freeze pane to lock database title
Foundation Level - Adjust column width and row height
Foundation Level - Use and understand basic functions
Foundation Level - Use the Find and Replace command
Foundation Level - Header Footer, Set page orientation
Foundation Level - Apply print tiles on spreadsheet
Intermediate Level - Cell Referrence In Formula
Intermediate Level - Formula Auditing
Intermediate Level - Statistical Function
Intermediate Level - Mathematical Function
Intermediate Level - Logical Function
Intermediate Level - Database Function
Intermediate Level - Working With Table
Intermediate Level - Sorting Records
Intermediate Level - Filter
Intermediate Level - Data Validation
Intermediate Level - Conditional Formatting
Intermediate Level - Charts
Intermediate Level - Sparkline
Intermediate Level - Protect Data
Intermediate Level - Views
Intermediate Level - Managing Window
Advanced Level - Getting The Most From Your Data
Advanced Level - Pivoting Data
Advanced Level - Charting Pivoted Data
Advanced Level - What IF Analysis
Advanced Level - Advance Excel Task
Advanced Level - Macros & Form Control
Advanced Level - Using Vlookup Function In Array Formula
Advanced Level - Combining The index & Match Function
Advanced Level - Combining Worksheet
Advanced Level - Publishing To PDF
Advanced Level - Protecting the Current Worksheet
Advanced Level - Protecting an Entire Workbook

This ultimate Excel bundle is for anyone from zero knowledge to expert level. We have split the training into 3 sections. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. The Foundation course is taught by Rezall, Intermediate taught by Jarina, and last but not least, Advanced is taught by Azrul. All 3 of them are certified trainer for Microsoft (MCT). They have more than 40 years of experience combined.

Excel Ultimate Course - From 0% to 100%
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