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Excel Training: Master Microsoft Excel 2016

Learn how to use Excel to manage and visualize large volumes of data
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How to use Microsoft Excel 2016
How to manage large volumes of data
How to visualize data
How to apply various formulas

Microsoft Excel is a proclaimed program for anyone who needs to organize data, keep track of various changes, use mathematical formulas to modify their data, or to use data visualization. During this Excel training, you will learn how to work with Microsoft Excel 2016, and discover various tricks to make your workflow less obstructed by various inconveniences. 

We will discuss how to use Excel from the very basics, from how to launch Excel to the optimization of the quick access toolbar and ribbon. Therefore, you are welcome to start this course even if you have never worked with Excel. Nevertheless, it would be best if you considered using Excel to guarantee that your data is always available and easy-to-find. 

Excel opens doors to various companies

As I have mentioned, the most significant benefit of Excel is its capability to organize large volumes of data into systematic and structured spreadsheets and charts. If you are looking for a job, you will be glad to know that you can apply the information from this course in various positions. For instance, many sectors turn to Excel for data organization: banking, financials, science, data analytics, shops, etc. Therefore, after completing this Excel training, you will be more than ready to apply for a suitable job in any of these sectors. 

Data analysis with Excel

Excel is the program to use if you need to partake in data analysis. Excel offers an array of analytical tools that help you study data from various perspectives. As a result, you might find multiple correlations between different factors, recognize patterns, and find current/future trends. Therefore, learning how to use Excel is key to making data-based decisions. After all, the choices that you make out of thin air usually fail to bring the expected outcome. Master Excel basics to design criteria for making decisions. 

Collaboration at its best

One of the Excel basics is the fact that you can efficiently work together with others. Therefore, you can brainstorm quickly, and let your colleagues keep track of your changes. Thanks to the sharing capabilities of Excel, you can improve the workflow of your team and see who made certain modifications to the worksheet. 

What will you find in this Excel training? 

This Excel for beginners course will focus on many principles of Excel. Most of them are mandatory for you to know if you want to use Excel to its full potential. We will focus on the manipulation of worksheets, ways of entering data, available formulas, and data visualization. 

One of the biggest advantages of this Excel training is that you can go from knowing nothing about Excel to being able to handle worksheets as a professional. For instance, a beginner might not be aware of the formulas available, but you will be. Furthermore, I will spend some time explaining data visualization in this Excel for beginners course.

It is essential to know how to make your data look professional if you are presenting some financial information to stakeholders. However, data visualization techniques are beneficial for anyone, even if you are simply showing data to your team. Therefore, learn how to make data more exciting during this Excel training!

Excel Training: Master Microsoft Excel 2016
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