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Transitioning from Microsoft Excel to Qlikview

Kick Start Your Career in Business Intelligence with QlikView Business Discovery Tool
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Compare how to achieve excel like functionality in QlikView
Understand and Implement the basics of QlikView
Create the Report and Dashboard in QlikView from scratch
Smoothly transition from excel or any programming language to QlikView

Welcome to the course Transition from Excel to QlikView. This course is designed to keep two types of audience in mind. First type of audience is the one who already knows how to create the reports in excel and do all the background work. And second type of audience is who have no experience in working either in excel but have some background on programming languages.

Both of these types of audience can kick start their career in Business Intelligence using this Business Discovery Tool.

So hurry up and just spend 3 hours with me to make a great shift in your career by learning this new cutting edge technology.

Transitioning from Microsoft Excel to Qlikview
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