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Excel: How to create a spreadsheet on car finance

Learn to crunch figures 'Excel style' and see how affordable a car or anything else could be!
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Build a clear representation of a car loan on a spreadsheet and get the exact cost of a car loan before signing the contract.


Did you know that 750 million people have Excel installed on their computer but most do not know how to use it?

But in this free course I will talk you through building a basic spreadsheet based on a car loan (Something on most peoples minds, when they get a whiff of new car smell). I will demonstrate the PMT function (Payment function) to find the exact payments that should be made on a specific car loan (Or car loan of your choice). Then later in the course I will delve into the world of interest when I will show you the IPMT function (Interest payment). Whooooohooooo!.

By the end of the course you will know how to work out the EXACT cost of buying a car with a loan, once you have reached the end of your term of agreement and sell the car.

Let's just say that car loans can be a little stressful....and shady at best, but let Excel do all of the work in this free course. Just follow along throughout my lectures and learn some fantastic features and functions that you will never be able to live without....in this world that revolves around CREDIT!


Excel: How to create a spreadsheet on car finance
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