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Excel Text Functions You Will Need - SMASH!

Learn Functions/Formulas like Left, Trim, Clean, Proper, Substitute, Concatenate, VLOOKUP, Wildcards, Flashfill etc.
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Excel Text Functions and Formulas
Left, Mid, Right to extract text
Trim and Clean to Remove Unwanted Blank Spaces and non-printable characters
Proper, Lower, Upper for text capitalization
& Concatenate, Concat, Text Join
Difference between Substitute and Replace
Difference Between Find and Search
Len and Text
Isnumber Search Combination and More!
Extra: combination with VLOOKUP and wildcards!
Extra: Flashfill for replacing text functions! (this feature only exists from 2013 version onwards)
And much more...

The Student will learn the most important Excel text functions from the very basics to advanced exercises. By the end of the course the Student should be comfortable with this topic and able to face a good portion of workplace challenges regarding this theme.

The course covers a plethora of text functions. To ensure the student uses the functions to their full potential, the instructor covers the functions working per se, but also in synergy with each other. Functions like: left, right, trim, upper, lower, substitute, vlookup and much more a taught in the course.

The Student will get the opportunity to see the instructor demonstrations and also the opportunity to test the new found knowledge in small and fun mini tests. Although the author considers teaching and learning very serious endeavours it has added some humor and funny pics to the course in order to make the learning a more pleasant and rewarding experience.

The course is mainly targeted to the beginner and intermediate users, the exercises start off very straightforward but become more dificult as we proceed along the course. The students should not be discouraged if it cannot solve the exercises by themselves at the first try, and should be prepared to some demanding exercises, especially in the final sections of the course. As we already know excel can provide very difficult situations, and the author has placed in the course various situations and problems he had to face in the work place.

Excel Text Functions You Will Need - SMASH!
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