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Build a Sales Management Dashboard with Excel

Learning by Doing
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Build a Dashboard with Excel
Practice Function and formula developement with Excel
Use Pivot Tables to speed up your work with Excel

This is not your usual Excel Course!

You don't like theory and are better  at learning by doing?

This is what you were looking for: 100% practice, hands on from the begining. No big theory, no demonstration out of context.

In this course you will follow me creating a dashboard to track the activity of a sales team. Starting from a big table of data, we will learn how to analyze and create a clear dashboard.

Lot of context, lot of practice, and lot of learning:

  • Functions (SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, VLOOKUP, MAX,MIN, etc.)

  • Naming cells, relative and absoulte addresses

  • Pivot Tables

  • Graphics

All these concepts are covered along the creation of the dashboard.

Build a Sales Management Dashboard with Excel
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