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Become an Excel Power User in 2.5 Hours

Exponentially improve modeling speed and efficiency by mastering Excel's most powerful features.
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Become proficient in business-focused Excel
Increase speed 3X using keyboard shortcuts
Clean and manipulate business data sets
Filter and sort to investigate business questions
Develop graphical visualizations to simplify big data
Write powerful Vlookup & Hlookup formulas to extract specific information from data tables
Create advanced conditional statements
Quantify the sensitivity of business models to changes in multiple variables simultaneously using what-if-analysis
Slice, dice, and extract insights from large data sets using pivot tables

**ANNOUNCEMENT January 2018: 1.5 Hours of Practice Problem Lectures Added!**

This is a 100% example-based comprehensive Microsoft Excel training course with a special focus on speed, automation and efficiency (the keys to becoming a power-user). You’ll learn how to build models, write formulas, and perform analysis.

Master Microsoft Excel Rapidly in this Comprehensive Course!

As a finance professional, I built the curriculum based on the skills needed to succeed in today’s business environment, and I’ve excluded what you really don’t need to know. This course is a hack to develop advanced power-user skills in Microsoft Excel 2016 in a very short period of time.

In this course you will learn how to:

  •       Increase Excel speed 3X by abandoning the mouse
  •       Clean, format, filter, and sort data sets
  •       Create dual axis charts to compare related data sets
  •       Investigate business questions using conditional statements
  •       Analyze the sensitivity of results to changes in variables using what-if analysis
  •       Slice, dice, and extract rapid insights using pivot tables


Why Excel Skills Matter

Advanced Microsoft Excel skills can open up a whole myriad of career opportunities (especially analyst roles) in industries such as finance, consulting, analytics or other business roles. Excel is the primary tool used in financial modeling and ad-hoc data analysis.

In this 100% example based course, you’ll develop highly marketable business-focused Excel skills to help you outperform competing candidates for promotions, job opportunities, and internships. You’ll learn what it means to be an Excel power-user, and why it can be such an unfair advantage to develop this skill set.

How is the Course Structured?

The course curriculum builds on itself, meaning that as we continue forward in the course we’ll re-use the concepts from previous sections to further reinforce them. All of the material is 100% example based and in many sections we’ll use one continuous example through multiple lectures.

The course is composed of 27 short lectures (most between 2-10 minutes) each of which cover one concept at a time, and 8 lectures covering practice problems. The full course length is around 4 hours with 2.5 hours of concept lectures and 1.5 hours of practice problems. There are screencasts, business discussions, quizzes and a downloadable file of the full course curriculum to practice along with.

I designed the course to be hands-on and engaging. Complete with working files, you’ll be able to follow along practicing each concept and receive a verifiable certificate of completion when you finish the course!

Become an Excel Power User in 2.5 Hours
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