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Excel: Power Functions

10 Functions Recommended by the Experts
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Locate the syntax of an Excel function and explain the basics of function syntax design.
Explain why function criteria should produce a True result.
Understand and use wildcards in an Excel formula.
Create formula with nested functions.
Write a formula that combines the EDATE and DATEDIF functions to determine anniversary dates.
Write a formula using the EOMONTH function to calculate expiration dates or due dates.
Write a formula using the CONVERT function to convert data from one unit of measure to another (e.g., miles to kilometers).
Find a value in a large array of data without knowing which row or column to search using the INDEX and MATCH functions.
Debug or trace through an Excel formula using the “Evaluate Formula” feature or the Excel Formula Beautifier online tool.
Create a rolling average using the OFFSET function or OFFSET and MATCH.
Write a formula that combines OFFSET with COUNT or COUNTA to expand a range rather than revise the formula to fit the new range.
Calculate totals and subtotals using SUMPRODUCT and describe how this can be used as an alternative to pivot tables.

Learn to Use the 10 Excel Functions Recommended by the Experts

Excel provides over 400 functions to perform a variety of calculations within your data. With this many functions, it’s guaranteed you’re missing out on some powerhouse formulas that can make your day easier. This course explores 10 functions the experts recommend to expedite your data analysis.

Long Description:

Ask any Excel expert to name their favorite Excel functions, and you’ll receive a variety of suggestions. Some you’ll recognize, others you won’t. This course examines 10 of the functions more commonly listed by the experts and removes the mystery of how and why to use them.

With over 450 functions available in Excel, odds are you aren’t getting the full power of Excel in your workbooks. This course steps you through functions that can increase your productivity and simplify your spreadsheets.

Do you work with dates? Learn how to generate anniversary dates, renewal dates, and end-of-month dates.

Do you need to locate values within a large array of data? Explore options that allow you to locate data anywhere within the database without the VLOOKUP limitation of looking in the leftmost column.

Do you create rolling averages? Learn which functions will help you calculate them.

Once you explore these functions, your spreadsheets will never be the same.

Excel: Power Functions
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