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Excel Pivot Tables - beyond Advanced

In-depth, crisp knowledge upgrade for those who use Pivot Tables already. Great start for those who have never used it.
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Understand what is data analysis and why should we use it (in very simple, jargon-free manner)
How to identify bad data from good data (Easy to analyze data = Good data)
How to convert bad data to good data
Understand the real meaning of analytics and how analytics can help you grow in your business or career
Look at existing data as an opportunity to know more
Deliver existing reports / MIS much faster
Deliver much more than what is expected in terms of reports creation and submission
Unearth new and useful information from the same familiar data
Interpret data in a more comprehensive manner
Understand how to simplify interpretation using data Visualization
Understand how to handle large amount of data in Pivot Tables
Learn a new method of generating dashboards
Learn a revolutionary new way of sharing reports with others (including very large files)
Learn how to improve performance of Pivot Tables
Add value beyond your job description
Grow faster in their career

I don't like to call it Advanced.

Why? I believe what we know is "Basic", and what we don't know (or don't want to know) is called "Advanced".

Once you know something, it becomes basic.

Many of us have been using Pivots for decades. We think we already know Pivot Table. But trust me, there is vast amount of unexplored stuff - waiting to be exploited. This is course is for those who have used Pivots and attended other Pivot Courses. 

This is not a tips and tricks course. It provokes you to think, learn and apply the knowledge to your own work or business. 

If you do not know Pivot tables, don't worry. This course starts from scratch and helps you become a master Pivot analyst. Those who already know Pivot Tables are in for a surprise. For example, do you know that the raw data must be an Excel table before you create a Pivot Table? Most probably, you will ask me a question: "What is an Excel table?"

Try out the free preview videos and you will notice the difference instantly. 

Excel Pivot Tables - beyond Advanced
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