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Excel Pivot Tables - Crash Course

Learn data analytics with helpful Pivot Tables in MS Excel. Use Pivot Tables to get answers of business problems.
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Pivot Tables
Microsoft Excel
Data Analytics
Business Analytics

Data Analytics is one of the most important aspect in every business in this 21st Century. Nowadays businesses are flooded with lots of data. The main role of Data Analyst is to find relevant information which can be useful in making some important decisions in the business.


Why Pivot Tables?

Pivot Tables is one of the essential tool available in MS Excel, with which you can perform many tasks. It let's you summarize the data and you can use various operations to find important insights.

In this course, you will learn Excel Pivot Tables with a case study like example. This course follows a practical approach and focuses on teaching you how to get data insights and how to make some business decisions on the basis of these findings.

The sample data used in he course is a public data from Tableau Sample Superstore database. After completing this class, you will be able to use pivot tables like a master, using all functionality.

You will be able to learn all the basic fundamentals of Pivot Tables for analytics. you will learn how to

  • Create a Pivot Table
  • Prepare CrossTabs
  • Apply Filters
  • Use Slicers
  • Use Date Timelines
  • Apply Value Calculations

So build your basics strong and start your journey to become a Data Analyst. Enroll in this course now!!!


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Excel Pivot Tables - Crash Course
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