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Excel Modeling, Power Query, Pivot Tables, Advanced Formulas, and VBA

Learn Excel modeling, building dashboards with advanced functions and formulas, Power Query, Pivot tables and VBA
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You'll master advanced formulas and functions to prepare accounting schedules (such as prepaid expenses) and many other amortisation models
You'll get confident at managing prepaid expenses accounting in a professional way
You'll get skills with dynamic dashboards and data visualization with Power Query
You'll learn to leverage an awesome data transformation tool - Power Query

The time has come for you to learn how to build robust Excel models and dashboards for completing your tasks professionally and efficiently. Time to understand the advanced formulas and functions, as well as power query and VBA, if you want to step up as an accountant, auditor, analyst, or another breed of enthusiast who wants to learn and apply in-depth knowledge of Excel modelling. This Excel modelling course is right for you.

Why is it worth taking this course on Excel modelling?

I assume you can imagine the real power of Excel, but it can be quite immeasurable for doing different kinds of tasks. When it comes to Excel modelling with advanced formulas, Power Query, pivot tables, and Excel VBA, all these will contribute to developing a clear, practical understanding of prepaid expenses accounting. This course is mainly focused on helping you to calculate accurate prepaid expenses charge and forecast those expenses for future periods.

I’m experienced finance professional with a broad range of experience in accounting, finance, and auditing. In my career, I am fortunate to work in many diverse industries to collect loads of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge. Working through tons of real-world challenges, I’ve learned and developed ways to do the job reliably and accurately with the help of automation tools in accounting, management, and other business operations.

A sneak peek into bits of the content of this Excel modelling course

You’ll start with the basics of prepaid expenses. I’ll explain prepaid expenses in detail with practical examples, their major advantages/disadvantages. If you’re already well-versed with prepaid expenses, feel free to skip the introductory part of the course, and jump straight into learning the advanced functions, formulas, Power Query, pivot tables, and Excel VBA (I’ll make the templates available for download).

You’ll study specific relevant examples to see how modelling in Excel works with prepaid expenses. Excel accounting for prepaid expenses is relatively easy with the right tools at hand. I’ll show you how to prepare a robust prepaid expenses schedule with Microsoft Excel, which will help you to determine the following accurately:

  • The portion of prepaid expenses due in your profit and loss statement
  • The prepaid expenditure rows in your monthly balance sheet
  • Forecasting and budgeting those expenses for future periods
  • The impact of prepaid expenses on your business cashflow
  • Allocating prepaid expenses to different departments of your business accurately (Power Query and pivot tables will help you do that) using an automatic approach
  • How to maintain the prepaid expenditures accurately

Along with detailed teaching on prepaid expenses and Excel accounting, you’ll inevitably improve at using various powerful Excel functions and formulas (DATE functions, IF functions, IFS functions, VLOOKUP function, MATCH function, INDIRECT function, NAMED rages, ARRAY formulas).

Impress your coworkers and your boss with new skills!

Expand your skill set in Excel modelling. Learning new things might be your stepping stone towards better career opportunities in your organization or a broader market. If you want to get the Excel Guru skills in a bit more than 5 hours, enrol in, and let’s get started straight away!

Excel Modeling, Power Query, Pivot Tables, Advanced Formulas, and VBA
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