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Excel Model Makeover 2 - Reducing Data Entry Time

How I reduced the Data Entry Time from 2 hr to 2 min!
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Intermediate to Advanced Excel skills that will help you
- to ace your Excel skills,
- to find state-of-the art Excel functions,
- to make yourself the go-to-person in their office, or
- to be well positioned for your next promotion!

The course is presented in four parts.

First, the course introduces a business case of an “accounting” model that unintentionally includes all the hurdles to prevent fast data entry. The model takes a staff 1+ hour to update 1 vessel file, and what’s worse, it takes over 2 hours to generate up-to-date Status report for a fleet of 60 vessels!

Next, the course will demonstrate how the author has overhauled the old model so that it:

o Reduces the data entry and report time from 1 hour to 1 min, and

o Reduces the integration time from 2 hours to 2 minutes!

Third, we draw a line between when to data entry and when not to. Generally speaking, we need to avoid data entry as much as possible, thanks to the technologies. However, if you do need data entry, only enter data at a minimum with the remaining filled in from data extracts.

Fourth, we demonstrate the 7 Dos and Don’ts in data entry, reporting, and validations. Some of the best practices are:

o Do NOT enter data in a summary table, making it hard to update

o Do NOT enter invoice details in a cell note, resulting in double entry

o Do NOT apply accounting debits or credits in entry form, which may confuse data entry clerks

o Do NOT summarize on “moving targets”

Last, the course illustrates some advanced modeling skills on:

o How to build validation and auditing checks?

o How to “quickly” set up links to 60 vessel files?

Excel Model Makeover 2 - Reducing Data Entry Time
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