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Excel For Beginners! Top 30 Hottest Tutorials,Tips & Tricks!

Learn by doing in small, easy to understand bite sized chunks! Learn VLOOKUP,Macros,Operators,Custom Formats and More!
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You will learn some of the most commonly used Features of Excel at a comfortable pace!
You will learn to Filter, Sort and Organize large sets of Data!
You will build the foundational knowledge needed to become Excel Power Users.
You will have the support of an Excel Trainer with over a decade of experience!
You will learn what a VLOOKUP and how to use it!
You will learn how to design and build your first Macro!
You will learn to be comfortable in your newly found Excel Shoes!

If you were like me many years ago, you'd be terrified if someone asked you to do anything in excel! Custom Formatting? Formulas? Yikes!!! This very feeling is why I created Excel Made Easy - A Break down Step by Step Approach! With over 15 years of Excel Experience and 10 of those in Data Analysis each and every day, I know what the world of Excel can look like and its a beautiful one at that and with these skills is how I created Excel For Beginners - Top Tutorials, Tips and Tricks!

I know what you're thinking - BUT WAQAR! Excel is so complicated and has so many hard to use tools! And My answer to that is You're right and wrong! Excel has many tools and they're all unique in the way they function but "Excel Made Easy" is taught in a way that allows you to take the complicated stuff, break it down and FULLY understand it before moving on. I built this course with the absolute beginner in mind and I ASSUME YOU KNOW NOTHING! With this approach I can guarantee that my course provides more value than you bargain for but never less.

In this course, you'll learn Excel in the easiest way possible and I've kept it as affordable as possible for my students!

Don't just take my word for it! See it first hand from Reviews by thousands of satisfied students!


Excellent course. I have just started a new job after a 2 year layoff and your course helped me remember a lot of what I had forgotten. Thank you. - RC




I am planning to learn business analytics and wanted a quick refresher of Excel fundamentals. It is important to familiarize with the software, its functionality and features to make the most of it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Excel. - Zahid


clear teachings and very explanative presentation - Adejare Buhari Tope


What are you waiting for? Come join the thousands of students learning Excel in the easiest way possible on Udemy in HD.

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Excel For Beginners! Top 30 Hottest Tutorials,Tips & Tricks!
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