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Excel Macros Tutorial: Learn VBA Excel Events - Part 8 of VBA Training

Learn about self-triggered Excel macros, condition bases macros in Excel and VBA Excel events to become an advanced VBA developer
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How to make Excel macros run on various conditions
How to make self-triggered VBA Excel events that run on certain conditions

The last part of my VBA training is here: in this Macro tutorial for Excel, I am going to show you how VBA Excel macros work, and how to create Excel events that don't need buttons to start working as they are self-triggered. For this Excel macros tutorial, you should already know the basics of VBA. If you have no experience with VBA, start with my first course from the series.

Enhance your productivity with VBA

Microsoft has created Visual Basic for Applications or VBA to allow people to have more functionality with their apps such as MS Excel. Usually, Excel files have multiple files, and if you need to have a bit more complex calculations, it can take you hours to make sense of the data and how you should group, extract and use it properly. But VBA and Excel macros can help with this task. This programming language can help you in file and folder handling, and you get to create self-triggered Excel events to automate your work even more.

What's waiting for you in this Excel macros tutorial

If you want to learn how to use macros in Excel, you are in luck, because this course will show you that and more:

  • I will tell you how Excel events are essential for your work and programming career: you will be able to put various conditions that take into consideration changes and run a specific macro to do a particular task;
  • You will discover what does "application.intersect" mean and how can you use it;
  • You will know if Excel events should be used in one sheet or the whole workbook;
  • If you make some errors while programming Excel macros with VBA, I will show you how to undo them, more than that I will show you the role on undo command in the event projects;
  • You will learn how to create log details in Excel without the user's knowledge about it;
  • I will show you the most used events: selection and change; and you will know how to overcome some problems that these events might create;
  • I will teach you how to use the target keyword in Excel events and can it be used outside of even windows;
  • You will discover what to do if the events start overlapping: that might happen if some changes to events are applied which is dangerous as you could lose your data;
  • You will know how to use Excel macros while debugging events and why is it important to debug the events before launching the project;
  • I will show you how can you use events in the Excel dashboard.

In this course, you will not only learn how to use macros in Excel theoretically, but you will also get practical tasks, and I will show you some projects that we can complete.

This is the last course on VBA training, and if you finish this Excel macros tutorial, you can surely start calling yourself a VBA professional. So enroll in this course today and become more productive with MS Excel!

Excel Macros Tutorial: Learn VBA Excel Events - Part 8 of VBA Training
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