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Excel Interactive Dashboards and Data Analysis

Learn to create POWERFUL, INTERACTIVE dashboards in Excel in minutes with no coding
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Discover the most POWERFUL tool in Excel to transform your Data into Insight and intelligence
LIFETIME access to course materials and practice activities
Learn POWERFUL data analysis techniques using comparison, trend, contribution, ranking, frequency, variance and pareto analysis
In this course you will learn how to create Sales, Human Resource and Finance interactive dashboards
Learn BEST PRACTICES for dashboard development, table and graph design
Learn powerful methods to easily GROUP and FILTER your data with a few clicks of the mouse

Recent reviews:

"Excellent. Ian goes through the material with a brilliant mix of succinct detail. It covers a lot of ground, but he goes over things very clearly. A great course."

"Excellent course for Intermediates"

"The lessons are short enough to make one major point, then practice it. Good presentations!"

**** Lifetime access to course materials and practice activities.  ****

This course is lead by Ian Littlejohn - an international trainer, consultant and data analyst with over 125 000 enrollments & 100 000 students on Udemy. Ian specializes in teaching data analysis techniques, Excel Pivot Tables, Power Pivot, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio & Amazon Quicksight & his courses average over 4.5 stars out of 5. 

Excel is the most commonly used data analysis tools available on the market today. In this course we show you how to create POWERFUL INTERACTIVE dashboards in minutes using standard Excel tools and techniques. (No coding or complicated methods required!)

We also discuss how to create and use BEST PRACTICE for your dashboards.

  • How to configure a dashboard

  • What graphs you should use to display what types of data

  • What questions you should ask of the data

  • What methods of analysis you can use in the data

In this course we answer these questions and more! We GUARANTEE that you will be able to EASILY create interactive dashboards and understand the most powerful methods of data analysis.

In the course you will learn the following key outcomes:

  • How to STRUCTURE your data for dashboards and data analysis

  • Create PIVOT TABLES to easily summarize and aggregate your data

  • Use Excel SLICERS to create filter tables and graphs

  • Create INTERACTIVE dashboards combining Key Metrics, Trend Graphs, Top 10 reports, Comparisons, Pie graphs and more

  • Understand how to EASILY create time / trend analysis using a few clicks of the mouse

  • Filter data and create Top 10 analysis

  • Learn how to do comparison, trend, ranking, contribution, variance, frequency and pareto analysis

  • Create a Sales, Human Resource and Finance dashboard

  • Use Conditional Formatting to highlight key data and trends

This course will teach you the best practices and principles for dashboard design and creating graphs. In addition you will learn the following forms of data analysis:

  • Comparison Analysis

  • Trend Analysis

  • Ranking Analysis

  • Contribution Analysis

  • Variance Analysis

  • Pareto Analysis

Excel Interactive Dashboards and Data Analysis
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