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Excel In B2B Sales with emphasis on sales and negotiation

The skills and methods required to maximize the outcome of every B2B sales interaction and business skills, negotiation
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A Proven (by research) B2B SALES METHODOLOGY.
COLD CALLING Techniques for B2B Sales.
Defining UNIQUE CAPABILITIES to drive unconsidered needs.
A FRAMEWORK for opening a B2B sales meeting.
Using INSIGHTS to structure a sales conversation towards defined unique capabilities.
QUALITY QUESTIONS to ensure the prospect owns the insight.
The key drivers of value: emotional and financial. And how to PRESENT value.

Today’s sophisticated customers just aren’t buying traditional product-based presentations. To engage these buyers, you need B2B Sales Skills.

B2B Selling Skills is a proven sales methodology that teaches sales professionals how to stimulate interest, quickly build trust, create value in their offerings, close with confidence, and dramatically improve their effectiveness with modern customers.

This course is a once in lifetime opportunity for those who are pursing a career in B2B sales. It covers all the fundamentals and advance level techniques required to be successful in B2B arena. If you are in sales, sales management, customer development and or marketing this is a must attend course.

Key Benefits:

After completing this program, your will be able to:

  • Quickly create connections and build trust with customers using a consultative approach

  • Differentiate from the competition through a value-focused sales approach

  • Achieve the status of “Trusted Advisor” and exceed customer expectations

  • Win more business by deeply uncovering what’s most important to the customer and persuasively presenting the right solutions

  • Reduce and overcome objections from customers by adopting a proven approach

Program objectives include:

  • Successfully plan for sales calls by using a comprehensive activity based workbook

  • Confidently open sales calls, create rapport, engage the customer, and set a positive tone for the sales interaction

  • Utilize a focused methodology based on your unique features and the changing environment of your prospect

  • Increase customer buy-in by using a methodology attributed to contrast between current state and ideal state leading to financial value

  • Handle objections using a four-step attention grabbing approach that most sales trainings do not cover

  • End the meeting with a commitment following a closing approach that leverages the momentum of the sales interaction and seamlessly moves the process forward

Because although this course will require you to go through it without skipping lectures and completing the quizzes and assignments, we want you to really understand the potential this course has for you... up front!

Your unfair advantage and competitive edge lies inside the course.

Erhan says...

"Anyone, from any background, can close high-ticket sales or start a solid sales career by following this course which will take you through a step by step process which is based on science and not heresy."

My current clients include some of the best names in the B2B space like Microsoft, Henkel, Siemens and Salesforce."

See you inside the Course!

Excel In B2B Sales with emphasis on sales and negotiation
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