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Microsoft Office Excel from Begginer to Expert

Step by Step Stress-free Learning.
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Microsoft Excel
Introduce Data
Math Operations
Order, Rank and Filter
Cells formatting and Conditional Formatting
Add, Delete, Hide rows and columns
Sizing rows and columns
Add, move, delete, copy sheets
Name cells, ranges and sheets
Freeze panes and divide view
Insert comments
Data validation
Side to side view
Pivot tables
Smart objects
Charts based on data
Formulas: Financial, Logical, Text, Date and Time, Lookup and Reference, Math and Trig, among others
Protect cells, ranges, sheets, workbooks, structure

Hello my name is Nicole and I am willing to teach you Microsoft Excel with this series of videos.

Important: This course is under development, I will upload one unit biweekly, so you can have time to practice at your own pace. Remember you will have access to this course forever.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a message to me and I will try to respond in the brief time possible.

Excel is a Microsoft program that works for calculations as a spreadsheet and thanks to which you can do all kinds of mathematical operations or filter and classify data according to certain factors, among other actions. If you want to do an Excel course to be able to master all this and handle it easily, do this course with me!

This Excel course is for anyone with desires to learn and will take you to manage Excel step by step jumping from beginner to intermediate and expert. Start with an operation as simple as opening the spreadsheet and gradually learn all the options that Excel allows.

Important: I am still developing this course, so you will see a new unit every week, with a bunch of videos inside. I encourage you to take that week to text your new skills and practice as much as you can.

Why this course and not others?

This world-changing so fast and requires us to become experts in so many applications.

Knowing that Excel allows you to manage a wide variety of things, is becoming a requirement for different environments, jobs, and studies.

That is why there are many who are looking for an Excel course or tutorial that can be used to discover this knowledge and complete the professional curriculum. If you belong to this group, you don't have to worry anymore. Thanks to this Excel course you will be able to learn everything you need to improve your professional training and be more prepared.

In this course, you will find knowledge in an easy, understandable, plain language, and just as you need, very clear step by step instructions to help you in your stress-free learning.

to Whom?

All those who study accounting, finance, or business administration, among other professions, if you need this knowledge of Excel for work or personal purposes.

Microsoft Office Excel from Begginer to Expert
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