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Excel For Top MBAs (And Wannabes)

MS Excel cases walked through by a top 10 MBA instructor
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Organize, analyze, and present thoughts to solve a myriad of common business problems
Use statistics to add value to processes in your current and/or dream job
Leverage lookups and pivot tables to merge and manipulate data into valuable information that builds competitive advantage
Create strategies to get out of personal debt
Master the finances of real estate deals to build for a better retirement
Optimize your business through linear programming models
Build the analytical skills that employers want

Excel For Top MBAs (And Wannabes) is for anyone who wants to learn the key lessons of Microsoft Excel, finance, wealth building, and business planning/analysis. In this course you'll learn everything from the basics of what a spreadsheet is to how to manipulate it to solve common problems in life and business. You will learn many techniques but they'll all be in the contest of solving a problem so that when you encounter questions like "what should I plan for my retirement?" or "how might I think about pricing this new product?" or "can I really afford this house?" or "how do I get out of this debt I'm drowning in?" so that you will have an advantage in attacking this problems going forward with analytical skills that would impress any employer and improve just about any business. You'll be an expert before you know it.

Excel For Top MBAs (And Wannabes)
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