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Excel for Business Life, From Beginning to Advanced

Learn Excel, develop strategy, solve business life affairs
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Excel Fundamentals
Formats, Fonts and Design
Worksheet Properties
Data Management in Excel
Data Sort
Data Sort From Left to Right
Data Filter
Remove Dublicates
Custom List
Subtotal and Data Groups
Pivot Table
Pivot Table Properties and Options
User Defined Formulas in Pivot Table
Merge Pivot Tables
Excel Formulas
Structure of Excel Formulas
Text Formulas
Flash Fill
Statistical Formulas
Date and Time Formulas
SUBTOTAL Function For Filter
Lookup Functions
VLOOKUP For 2 Tables
Advanced Filter Functions
Advanced Excel
Data Validation
Conditional Formatting
Special Cells (GOTO SPECIAL)
External Data From Other Sources
Name Manager
Watch Window and Trace Cells
Excel Protection
Printer Settings
Relation of PDF and Printer
Graphics and Charts in Excel
Simple Graphs
Column Graphs
Pie Chart Graphs
Picture Graphs
Graphics into the Cells
Linear Modelling in Excel
Goal Seek
What-if Analysis / Data Table
Excel Solver
Senario Analysis
Useful Tips
Copy - Paste Options
F4 Key
Fix Headers
Spin Button
Animated Charts
Scroll Bar
Draw Shapes
Fix Formulas (Details of F4 Key)
Creating Custom Menu
Watch Movie and Listen Music in Excel

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn Excel. The course is designed with an understandable and easy in English. The main goal of the course is to teach all the requirements you need in business life and to use Excel in the most efficient manner.

All videos here have examples and Excel files, and all of them are examples of real business life.

Excel for Business Life, From Beginning to Advanced
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