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Excel for Beginners: Master the Most Popular Spreadsheet System

A rookie’s guide on how to use Excel: get to know all the crucial formulas and shortcuts!
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All the essential Excel formulas
Data tools like sorting, filtering, data validations and importing
Most popular lookup functions
Visual tools, such as bar charts, scatter plots, and histograms

The world is buzzing with software – there are tons of new systems released every year, and the old ones get updated continuously. However, it’s hard to find a tool as universal as Microsoft Excel. Having been around for over thirty years, it is now a crucial part of daily work in virtually any office. It’s not too hard to say why: Excel is easy-to-use and flexible enough when you’re familiar with its capabilities.

In its essence, Excel is a spreadsheet that has columns and rows of cells. In these cells, there might either be simple data or formulas. In this tutorial, we will be teaching Excel for beginners. Watching just over 30 comprehensive video lectures, you will get familiar with all the crucial concepts and ideas of the system.

Excel 101 in less than six hours!

It might be challenging to get Excel for beginners who only get taught the theory and don’t get a chance to grasp the way it’s used in practice. In this Excel course, you will get not only a carefully designed curriculum but also business-related examples and real-life case studies. This way, you can master both the theory and the practical use of the software.

The instructors presenting this course are Abhishek and Pukhraj, who are both working professionals. They know Excel inside and out because they have been using it for years. In addition to corporate employment, they have also been teaching Excel for beginners online for over a decade now. This means they know perfectly well which concepts are key and what should be explained in more detail.

Learning how to use Excel step by step!

The first three sections of this course cover the very basics of Excel for beginners to get a basic understanding of the software. You will learn: 

  • What the fundamental formulas are there and how to apply them;
  • What filtering and sorting means and in what situations they’re needed;
  • How to create visual charts of a few basic types.

Next, our Excel course will move on to more advanced topics. You will master conditional, logical, and lookup formulas. In addition to that, you will learn about the more complex chart types, macros, and pivot tables.

At the end of this Excel 101 tutorial, we will be sharing some practical tips and tricks for you to be able to master the program quicker and save time when doing your tasks. Following the lectures carefully, you can learn how to use Excel in half a day!

One of the best skills to add to your resume!

Taking a course on Excel for beginners is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to work in an office environment. Being familiar with each and every functionality of a widely-used system and feeling confident about it is going to be a great help in any job interview.

Why look every function up yourself when you can have a clear and concise course to follow? Take the course now, and improve your know-how!

Excel for Beginners: Master the Most Popular Spreadsheet System
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