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Excel for Accountants: Volume 1

Learn how to complete your job tasks more quickly and build a strong foundation.
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Recall at least 3 shortcuts to improve your speed
State how to name a cell with the name box
Recall the special properties of tables
Identy the feature that can create an in-cell drop down
State which feature will format a cell based on the value of a cell
Recognize which feature can simulate a bar chart
State why the SUBTOTAL function is preferred to the SUM function in many situations
Identify a technique that helps ensure that a new row inserted between the last data row and the formula row is included in the total row formula
State whether or not values on a hidden worksheet are available to formulas on other sheets
Recall the cell style name introduced for input cells
State the purpose of an error check worksheet
Identify whether or not it is a good idea to split the data from the report
Recognize at least three workbook design principles

Developed specifically for accountants, this course discusses the Excel features, functions, and techniques that are practical, relevant, and sure to save you time.

My Excel University series of books are available online in paperback and digital Kindle versions. My online Excel University courses teach the content of the books in video format. Now, for Udemy, I've combined the book text and the lecture videos of Excel University Volume 1 and made them both available in this Excel for Accountants Volume 1 course.

Course Format

Each course section will begin with the lecture video. You can work through the sample Excel file to practice. Each section also provides the text of the book which reinforces and enhances the content presented in the lecture video. I then provide additional resources and related Excel University blog posts and articles. These elements provide an effective training experience.


Author and award-winning instructor, Jeff Lenning, is a certified public account and Microsoft certified trainer, and has helped thousands of accountants use Excel more efficiently.

Excel for Accountants: Volume 1
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