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Excel for Academics (Mac)

Harness the academic power of Excel for the Mac so you can spend less time on grading and more time helping students.
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This course will make you an Academic Excel Power User and show you how to optimize your academic workload. Once you have the mastered the Excel basics, you can move on to important issues. Save time by keeping track of student progress utilizing the skills taught in this course

This course is designed for any academic new to Excel who wants to harness its power and save time tracking student progress. This course will be of interest to any academic who needs to take Excel from the fundamentals to the exciting. The curriculum is structured around a series of short, step-by-step videos with an actual Excel workbook I use in my college courses.

The materials included in the course are totally customizable for your needs without any restrictions except your creativity. The benefits and skills you will gain in this course will get you up and running quickly and with an impressive skill-set. The course has approximately 2.7 hours of video, but 90% are under 10-minutes. If you use Excel to track student progress and/or communicate with parents, you need this course.

Excel for Academics (Mac)
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