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Excel Data Analytics in AML Financial Intelligence Analysis

Applying Excel Data Analytics in Anti-Money Laundering/Combating Financing of Terrorism Analysis & Investigations
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Apply essential Excel features and functions in your data analysis
Apply Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in AML/CFT Data Analysis

I  created this course as a quick start in using Excel for AML/CFT analysis and investigation for those analysts or investigators that are looking for an alternative tool that is more affordable and has a much simpler learning curve than the conventional vendor specific analytical tools used in AML/CFT analysis and investigations.   

The course is also designed to accommodate anyone who  is interested in having an insight into AML/CFT financial intelligence analysis using excel data analytics or anyone who wants to have a quick start in learning how to apply  excel data analytics  in AML/CFT financial intelligence analysis.

Excel Data Analytics in AML Financial Intelligence Analysis
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