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Excel essentials for business

Basic and essential Excel knowledge and skills for your working environments
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You will learn to build a solid understanding on the Basics and Essentials of Microsoft Excel
You will learn to master Essentials Excel knowledge and skills for business
You will learn the most commonly used Excel options, functions, calculations shortcuts, and formatting tools
You will also learn to maintain large sets of Excel data

Hi there,

Thank you for choosing my course. My name is Long Nguyen, I have been working with Excel for more than a decade, and I am here to help you improve your knowledge and skills to work with Microsoft Excel 2016, from the very beginning to advanced levels.

If you really want to master Excel in a real working environment, this course is for you. Please watch my videos carefully, do the quizzes, then download the materials to practise as much as possible. Finally, download the answers to check your work.

Thank you again for choosing my course, and let's take charge of Excel.

Excel essentials for business
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