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Essential Excel Features & Functions for Marketing Analytics

Must have Excel skills for every Marketer, Marketing, Web, SEO and Digital Analyst and Strategist. Includes Solver.
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Essential functions for Marketing Analytics
Features to enhance marketing analytics
How to setup budget for various ad/channels such as Google Ads
Learn how to use Solver - Excel add-on

Excel is one of the most used tool for data analysis by marketers, marketing analysts, web, SEO and digital analysts.

In this course we will learn about some awesome Excel features and functions and see several practical examples of how to use them for your analysis. Not only do I teach excel functions and features useful for Marketing, Digital and Web Analytics but also you will get cool ideas about what data you can analyze.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand various types of errors Excel throws and how to fix them

  • How to suppress the error or replace them with more meaningful data

  • Learn different ways of combining data from multiple columns

  • Understand different types of cell references.

  • Bulk delete blank rows to clean your excel sheet data

  • Find duplicate rows of data, highlight them and/or bulk delete them

  • Learn how to use VLOOKUP - Uses search engine (SEO) keyword data as an example.

  • Learn Pivot Tables - Example:  Digital Marketing Campaign Analysis

  • Find Optimal Campaign Budget Allocation with Excel Add-In Solver - This will change the way you allocate your marketing budgets.

Course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You should be familiar with the basics of Excel.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn about some key features in Excel how to apply them to common data issues.

  • Marketing Analysts

  • Digital & Web Analysts

  • SEO analysts

Essential Excel Features & Functions for Marketing Analytics
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