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Mastering Excel Dashboard Creation and Data Visualizations

Learn to create stunning visually effective dashboards that aid quick business decisions, track KPIs and reveal insights
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Learn the When, Why and how to use Excel Standard Charts
Learn to create eye catching dynamic non standard Excel Charts
Learn to create interactive dashboards with no coding or VBA
Learn to create dashboard that track KPI's
Learn to create dashboards that aid business decision and help revile insights
Learn tips and tricks for approaching an Excel Dashboard project
Get ideas on good and bad charting and dashboard designs

Do you want to improve your charting and visualization skills in Excel?  Do you want to master the common and lesser well-known charts available in your spreadsheets? Would you like to be able to create non-standard visually effective Excel charts and interactive dashboards that will all KPI's to be tracked, help aid business decisions, and reveal insights from your data?  If so then this course is the course for you.  Excel is not only an awesome tool for storing data and carrying out calculations, but it is also an amazing visualization tool from which you can design and create interactive dynamic dashboards and we are here to show you how it all works.

We will start this course by looking at the basics of charting in Excel.  You will explore ways to insert charts and formatting options.   After this, we will take a deep dive into creating the most commonly used charts such as line charts, pies charts, and columns charts.  And we will then finish the basics by looking at less common charts.

Once we have mastered the basics, you will then learn how to create dynamic non-standard visually effective charts and visualization.  You will learn advanced use functions and formulas to drive interaction and by the end of this course, you will be comfortable taking on a dashboard project from scratch.

This is a hands-on course, with workbooks to download and a lot to practice and master, giving you Excel dashboard skills that are in high demand in this growing world of data.

Mastering Excel Dashboard Creation and Data Visualizations
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