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Excel Dashboards : Build a Dashboard from Scratch!

Create Professional Looking Excel Dashboards and impress your employer !
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Learn how to build Professional Looking, Interactive Charts & Dashboards using Microsoft Excel.
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Learn Step by Step how to create Professional, Interactive Dashboards & Charts using Excel including:

1- Learning the Important functions that you need to know for building Dashboards such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, OFFSET and others

2-Learning how to implement Interactivity tools such as Form Controls, Slicers, and others.

3-Learning Dashboarding techniques.

4- Building a Complete Excel Dashboard.

What you need before taking this course

  • The will to learn !

  • You need to be using Excel already, written a few formulas such as SUM and COUNT, know how to build a basic pivot table and insert a chart.

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips

Excel is a great tool for creating Interactive Dashboards. It is relatively cheap with high availability compared to other more expensive tools, so learning how to build dashboards will be a great addition to your skills, and you can showcase these skills almost anywhere because Excel is installed on millions of computers around the globe!

If you're already an Excel user and want to learn how to create Interactive dashboards using Excel, impress your employer and potentially earn a raise, then this course is for you!

What other students are saying about the course:

Andrew Adolph:

I feel so lucky to have come across udemy and then a course on excel dashboards. I have always loved car dashboards, just displaying the most important info.

Today's dashboard in the business sense is the presentation of key performance indicators (kpi) for decision makers.

I am hooked on this course, and practicing making better dashboards. Adbelrahman is there to answer questions. To beautiful dashboards...

Luke Best:

Thanks Abdelrahman for an excellent course!

I use Excel most days so thought I had a decent grasp on how it all works. How wrong was I! This course has been a real eye-opener into what is actually possible in Excel and techniques covering how to present data.

I found the course material and presentation (videos) very comprehensive with plenty of examples to work through and use as reference for the future when I apply it all to my work.

An Excellent course and would highly recommend.

Michael Diamond:

I was impressed with some of the information presented. I have taken various dashboard courses to find little gold nuggets and i found a bunch in this course. The instructor provided some new twists for creating dynamic ranges, for example. He didn't present the normal formulas that I have seen from different sites but came up with some new approaches which caused my eyes to grow wider. I felt I was gaining a deeper understanding how excel thinks and works. His presentation showed me that he put some thought and effort into the presentation and made an effort to bring me from a Joe to a Pro!

Excel Dashboards : Build a Dashboard from Scratch!
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