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Excel Bear Necessities: Achieve Efficiency in Excel

Use less effort, reduce time spent, and improve accuracy on your Excel task
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Basic to advanced Microsoft Excel skills (i.e. necessities) to be efficient
Orientation of Excel
Keyboard Shortcuts
Integrate 4 Guidelines of Proper Database
The Amazing Table
Data Validation List and making it Dynamic
Dates (Recognizing actual, correct way to type, converting text, and manipulation)
Basic/Advanced Conditional Formatting
Relative/Absolute/Mixed References
PivotTables (creating, designing, updating an interactive report)

Most people spend way too much time on Microsoft Excel. If you are spending hours on it, there's a high chance that a more efficient way can be used.

At the end of the course, you will be able use less effort, save hours of work and improve accuracy in your work:

  1. via keyboard shortcuts,

  2. using data entry tips,

  3. manipulating dates,

  4. place checks in work,

  5. use summary functions with condition,

  6. retrieve another field using a match,

  7. and create reports quickly with PivotTables.

Excel 2013 has 448 functions and many other tools and features you can use. If you focus on everything, you will learn nothing. You don't want to learn every aspect in Excel, but just bare (BEAR!) necessities. We hand-picked just the crucial ones for you to start saving lots of time. Our classroom training with the same topics has an average of 91% deemed as applicable to the learners.

We also want to help you solve your real work problems. A 70-20-10 model for Learning and Development shows that adults typically have 70% of their knowledge based on work experiences (20% from peers and 10% from formal training). If we can help you solve a real work problem, what you learn will stick more deeply in your mind. So make sure to use the Q&A and ask away.

I love Excel a lot (I will explain more about this romance later on) but most of you probably don't. And despite loving Excel so much, it's hard for me to watch Excel tutorials. It can be pretty boring. I can totally feel your agony to sit through an Excel tutorial video. And that's why we made our videos more enjoyable to watch. We added animations to help explain better, interactive assignments to to facilitate learning, and our very own program to help you understand how to use functions. We are not going to force you to memorize what arguments to input in the functions but rather learn how to translate the logic in your head into the functions. And the program will help you do that.

So who am I? My Name's Benne. I studied Accountancy instead of any IT-related course if you were wondering. I don't have any advantage over you that gives me any edge. I did have some Excel topics during some modules in my school days, but I didn't find it useful at the point of time. Hence, I went to the workforce stumped with almost zero knowledge of Excel. Thankfully, my first organization had wonderful templates with array formulas. If you know array formulas, these are advanced formulas not many know about. Without them, we have to spend much more time preparing the report. And being the careless person I am, formulas helped me became more precise in my work. I quickly fell in love with Excel and started to learn on my own. I helped out in Excel forums and nominated to an Excel Guru, and assisted thousands of people around the world. I became an Excel trainer as well and what brings me the most satisfaction is helping people save hours of work, so jump on the bandwagon!

Excel Bear Necessities: Achieve Efficiency in Excel
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