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Microsoft Excel for Beginners: Build practical Excel skills

Great start with Excel 2019, the Microsoft Office 365 version. Master Excel Formulas and Functions, learn Excel Charts.
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Start working with Excel 2019 and establish solid Beginner level skills
Master the most common functions and formatting settings in Microsoft Excel 2019
Create graphical visualisation of your data by using Excel charts

Microsoft Excel Online Course to Start with Excel 2019

This excellent online Microsoft Excel course is a brilliant Start to Excel 2019, the Office 365 version of Excel.

Current online Excel Course is recorded with the newest version of Excel, Excel 2019 (Office 365). Please note most Excel features work the same way in Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016.

Enrol Now and learn essential skills about Microsoft Excel. Excel is the most popular tool to manage spreadsheets, analyse and visualise data. Current course combines deep Excel expertise and practical working expertise with Microsoft Excel 2019 (Office 365). The course creator team has 30+ years of expertise working with Excel from collecting data till performing complex analysis of large data sets and presenting findings to Board level executives / Directors of highly successful global companies. As your instructor we will use our Excel expertise to guide you step by step and you will establish Beginner level Excel skills.

Participation in this brilliant course will enable you to master Excel tools that will speed up your daily tasks. During this Excel online course you will start with the basics. Establishing a solid foundation will give you the basic building blocks of Excel, and how to use them in the most effective way.

At the end of this course you will be an empowered Beginner level user of Excel and be able to use the most popular Excel tools with great confidence. You will also be able to perform Excel tasks with efficiency. Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:

    Confidently using Excel / navigate in Excel

    Formatting data in Excel spreadsheets, and working with Excel workbooks

    Mastering the most popular Excel functions (like SUM, AVERAGE) and using simple charts to visualise your data in reports.

Do not hesitate to develop your Excel skills. Enrol now and take your next step in mastering the newest version of Excel, Excel 2019!

Microsoft Excel for Beginners: Build practical Excel skills
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