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Excel 2016 Advanced Level Training | Video Tutorials

Become an Excel 2016 expert
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How to use Pivot Tables, Input Tables and Charts. How to use Hyperlinks, Linking & Embedding. How to import Text Files and how to Sort and Filter Data. How to Track and Review changes. How to use Scenarios, Validation and Auditing techniques. Finally how to create recorded Macros and also learn about passwords & security issues

Excel 2016 Advanced Training Course

This course is aimed at people with a good working knowledge of Excel, 2016 or people who have worked through the Foundation and Intermediate level Excel 2016 training courses.

The course starts by looking at Pivot Tables and then Input Tables.

We then move on to see how to make the most of Charts within Excel 2016.

Next we look at items such as Hyperlinks and then Linking & Embedding

The next chapter shows you how to import text files into Excel.

The next chapters guide you through Sorting and Filtering Data and then we look at Tracking and Reviewing Changes

Then use see the power of the Scenario Manager

Next it all about validating and auditing data.

Finally we look at Macros plus Passwords & Security Issues


Excel 2016 Advanced Level Training | Video Tutorials
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