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Excel 2013: Mastering Vlookup and Hlookup Functions

Master data lookups in Excel 2013 using the VLookup and HLookup functions. Will help newbies and advanced users, alike.
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Understand how data lookups work in Excel
Use VLookup and HLookup Functions easily
Adopt a Structured Approach when using the lookup functions

Looking up data in Excel 2013 is a fun thing. Yet many students find it difficult to search for data in Excel due to arcane explanations provided in help files and tutorials.

"Looking up", simply means to search a particular value from a spreadsheet or workbook against a particular value that we know before hand. It can be likened to looking up a word in a dictionary, or a record in a database.

Excel makes it easy to search for values, both in rows and columns. While there are advanced functions also that enable Excel users to search for data "database-style", the HLookup and VLookup functions are their simpler-yet-powerful siblings. Simpler? Yeah! Because, why should you use a cannon to shoot a fly?

After this course, whether you want to calculate grades in Gradebooks, design Directories or draw-up Invoices, you'll be able to do it on your own, and in a jiffy. The course spans about 40 mins, with live examples, practice workbooks to follow along, and chalk board style logic-behind teaching.

So....hit it!

Excel 2013: Mastering Vlookup and Hlookup Functions
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