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How to Quickly Excel in the Basics of Excel

Master Excel with short, sharp videos covering all basic and advanced features. Experienced Teacher Instructor.
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Confidently use basic functions and calculations in Excel.
Successfully create professional looking and effective Excel spreadsheets from scratch.
Create eye-catching charts and graphs to better visually represent your spreadsheet data.
Be familiar with Excel spreadsheet terminology, layout and formatting.

*** All videos are under 5 minutes in duration and are straight to the point to help maintain your concentration ***

This course in Excel 2013 will allow a novice user to quickly become a confident spreadsheet user. Highly practical, you can be applying your new skills within minutes of learning a concept.

Having taught IT for over 20 years I've identified the key aspects and you will benefit from my experience. You will find my videos straight to the point and that I explain all concepts in simple terms rather than getting too technical or using IT jargon. Wherever possible I provide practical examples to demonstrate where the concept being explored can be applied. I have taught these concepts to 1000s of students during my career and now would like to give you the opportunity to also learn some new, valuable and employable workplace skills

The course consists of a brief overview of each concept and short, sharp videos covering the key points for all topics. Additionally, there is a practical, self-marked activity for you to complete and three videos showing me completing the task should you encounter difficulties.

Major topics include:

  • Basics of Excel 2013 - simple arithmetics, formatting, shortcuts and tricks of the trade.
  • Additional features to better utilise the power of Excel - absolute referencing and using cells in multiple ways.
  • Using Common Formulas - sum, average, if, lookup, rank, countif, plus some more advanced functions available to assist you to create professional, efficient spreadsheets.
  • A Challenge Activity - self-marked series of examples to try your new skills. Videos of solutions to all activities are also provided.
  • Adding Charts / Graphs to improve the visual effectiveness of highlighting your information.
  • Some additional concepts to further develop your spreadsheeting skills including using conditional formatting, generating random numbers and probability.

I look forward to assisting you in becoming a confident user of Excel 2013.

How to Quickly Excel in the Basics of Excel
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