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Excel 2013: Advanced Macro with Goal seek, Solver & More !

Learn macro to automate process in excel. Use goal seek, solver, functions & features for better productivity in office.
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Record macro to automate the task.
Use Visual Basic Editor (VBE) to edit your macro code.
Use loops in macro code to repeat the process again and again.
Use Goal Seek to prepare product costing and pricing.
Use macro with goal seek to automate the process of pricing of products.
Use solver add in to solve complex problems.
Use advanced functions and techniques in excel for better productivity.
Solution to your any question (ask any time) in discussion part or my personal email address.

If you spend your few hours with this course, you will definitely see increase in your day to day work productivity with in a week. Using excel programming features like Macro, goal seek and Solver are the best way to decrease your repetitive manual working time and impress your boss, colleagues and friends.

Course Highlights:

  1. Start Macro recording to automate the process and calculations.
  2. Use VBA editor to make changes in macro code.
  3. Learn loops to repeat the process till you want.
  4. Many practical problems solved with macro.
  5. Learn using solver Add in to solve optimization problems.
  6. Learn Goal seek with macro to automate the pricing process of products.
  7. Ask any problems you face in your day to day work in Excel (I am always available for help)
Excel 2013: Advanced Macro with Goal seek, Solver & More !
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