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Customer Success | How to Exceed Your Customers Expectations

Create More Real Value Every Day
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The objective of this course is to help you better understand how to exceed customers expectations by creating more value every day.
Upon course completion, participants will have the knowledge and tools needed to begin to see their current and future customers in an entirely new light.

In today's hyper competitive market, your company needs a competitive advantage much bigger than just low prices.  That advantage is value.  But value may not be what you've been led to believe it really is.  This course will provide key concepts, frameworks, and case studies to help you meet and exceed the expectations of your customers.

In this course you will learn how:

  • The Value Universe effects every customer on their journey from expectation to loyalty
  • People decide what their real needs are
  • Hyundai Motors used customer insight to create an entirely new vehicle
  • Jobs to Be Done thinking will revolutionize your company
  • Costco delivers extreme value to millions of customers
  • Customer Lifetime Value will change the way you evaluate the real value of your customers

Every student who successfully completes this course will be better prepared to engage in the battle for new customers.  This knowledge will also prepare you for a more successful career.

Customer Success | How to Exceed Your Customers Expectations
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