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EXAM - SAP Analytics Cloud SAC01

You can use it as a Pre-Assessment in order to identify your knowledge gaps and better prepare for the course content
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SAC01 EXAM Assessment: SAP S/4HANA Analytics Cloud
SAC01 SAP Analytics Cloud

This assessment is designed to help you check your knowledge of the content provided in the course.

We recommend you try the assessment before the training to check how relevant the content of the course is for you and how much you already know about this topic. Doing so will assist you in learning the content of the course more effectively. You can also take this assessment after completing the training to measure your level of understanding.

After each question you will receive feedback on whether your answer was correct or not and where you can find further information on the correct answer.

This assessment covers the following units:

  1. Overview and Positioning

  2. Visualizations and Stories

  3. Data Integration Overview and Features

  4. Basic Modelling and Data Wrangling

  5. SAP Digital Board Room and Responsive Story Pages

  6. Planning

  7. Users, Security and Administration

  8. Predictive Analytics

  9. SAP Analytics Hub

You can always leave the assessment and finish remaining questions at a later time. Remember,

EXAM - SAP Analytics Cloud SAC01
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