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Exam MS-200: Planning and Configuring Messaging Platform

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Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform Skill
Exam Preparation for MS-200 Microsoft Exam

Exam MS-200: Planning and Configuring Messaging Platform

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate exam focuses on skills needed to plan, configure, and secure a Microsoft messaging platform.

This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with Microsoft in any way.

MS-200: Planning and Configuring Messaging Platform Exam Syllabus Covered :-

Manage modern messaging infrastructure (45-50%)

Manage databases

  • plan mailbox database requirements

  • create mailbox databases

  • configure mailbox databases

  • troubleshoot mailbox databases

Manage Database Availability Groups (DAGs)

  • plan DAG settings and members

  • create a DAG

  • manage DAG members

  • deploy and manage site resilience

  • test a database and datacenter failover scenario

  • troubleshoot DAG problems

  • evaluate Exchange services health

Manage and implement client access

  • plan namespaces

  • plan high availability for client access

  • configure virtual directories and URLs

  • configure client access policies

  • configure client access rules

  • configure Autodiscover for Exchange

  • troubleshoot client access connectivity problems

  • manage Exchange certificates lifecycle

Manage disaster recovery

  • plan backup and recovery strategy

  • implement and perform backups

  • restore servers, databases, and mailboxes

Manage messaging infrastructure lifecycle

  • plan Exchange Server installation

  • prepare Active Directory (AD) for Exchange

  • install and update Exchange services

Manage mail flow topology (35-40%)

Plan the transport pipeline

  • plan transport architecture

  • design for multi-site mail flow

  • plan a high availability mail flow solution

Manage connectors

  • plan connectors

  • create Send and Receive connectors

  • configure connectors

Manage mail flow

  • manage transport rules

  • manage domains

  • manage hybrid mail flow

  • implement a multi-site mail flow

Troubleshoot mail flow problems

  • validate inbound and outbound mail flow

  • examine message trace

  • configure message tracking

  • analyze message headers with the remote connectivity analyzer

  • handle Non-Deliverable Reports (NDRs)

  • investigate transport logs

  • monitor mail flow

Manage recipients and devices (15-20%)

Manage recipient resources

  • manage archive mailboxes

  • manage resource mailboxes

  • manage distribution and security groups

  • manage mailboxes

  • manage mailbox permissions

  • configure mailbox policies

  • manage shared mailboxes

  • evaluate license options

Manage mobile devices

  • configure mobile device mailbox policies

  • configure and manage Outlook mobile

  • manage mobile device access

Exam MS-200: Planning and Configuring Messaging Platform
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