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Microsoft Excel Certification Exam Prep: MO-201 Excel Expert

Ace the Excel MO-201 Exam. Learn advanced data analysis & earn the Excel Expert Certification (MS Excel 2019/Office 365)
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Analyze data with advanced formulas, including logical operators, lookups, date/time functions, and more
Automate tedious, manual tasks with no-code, user-friendly VBA macros
Visualize data with advanced charts like histograms, tree maps, geopatial maps, funnels, and combo charts
Manage and format data with custom formats, autofill & flash fill, data validation, and conditional formatting
Explore data on the fly with PivotTables, Pivot Charts, slicers and timelines
Customize workbook settings like protection & encryption, calculation modes, comments, and language tools

See why this is one of the TOP-RATED Excel courses on Udemy:

"Awesome, awesome course! Took the exam today: 945/1000 :) I have been a long-time user, but your review helped to focus on the more important needs -- I'd recommend your course and ALL YOUR SEMINARS/CLASSES!"

- Stacey T.

"Tried taking a course through LinkedIn Learning to prepare for the exam and I was disappointed... On the other hand-- Enrique has done an outstanding job of organizing this material, keeping it current, providing excellent practical uses, and explaining it well. Well done!"

- Jimmy D.

"So happy to have passed my MO-201 Exam with a score of 945! Huge thanks to Enrique Ruiz for his amazing course!"

- Buqet Y.

"Excellent course! All concepts reviewed clearly and concisely with some bonus tips on shortcuts and useful features. I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to enhance their Excel skills or prepare for the MO-201 exam!"

- Jason W.



This course is specifically designed to help you ace the MO-201 Excel Expert Exam and earn your official Microsoft Expert Certification for Excel 2019 or Office 365. With hands-on projects, full-length practice tests, and free downloadable study guides, this is the ONLY course you'll need to prepare for the MO-201 Excel exam, guaranteed!

We'll start by introducing Microsoft's MO-201 Excel Expert Exam, reviewing the test structure and interface, and addressing the key topics and objective domains you'll need to master, including:

  • Analyzing data with formulas & macros

    • Logical operators, date/time functions, financial functions, lookups, basic macros, formula auditing tools, etc.

  • Managing & formatting data

    • Custom formats, data validation, removing duplicates, autofill & flash fill, conditional formatting, etc.

  • Exploring data with charts & PivotTables

    • Statistical charts, tree maps & sunbursts, geospatial maps, PivotTables & PivotCharts, etc.

  • Customizing workbook options & settings

    • Linking Excel workbooks, protection & encryption, comments, calculation modes, language tools, etc.

Unlike other test prep materials, this is a hands-on and 100% project-based course, designed to put your skills to the test with practical demos and unique business intelligence case studies. You'll work with real data from Airbnb, and use Excel's full arsenal of tools to analyze property details, rental rates, mortgage projections, and everything in between.

Trust us, test prep has NEVER been this much fun!

By the end of the course, you'll be able to apply advanced formulas and functions, design custom visuals and formats, explore data with PivotTables, automate manual tasks with macros, collaborate with other users, and much more. We've even included several custom-built practice tests, designed to replicate the actual Excel MO-201 exam structure and prepare you for the real deal.

So why get certified as a Microsoft Excel Expert?

  1. Build powerful and practical skills to launch or accelerate your career

  2. Strengthen your resume and market yourself to potential employers

  3. Earn a highly coveted and prestigious credential, certified by Microsoft

If you're ready to level-up your skills, increase your earning potential, and become a certified Excel ROCKSTAR, this is the course for you.

Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • 8+ hours of high-quality video

  • Downloadable MO-201 test prep guide

  • Excel project files & solutions

  • Quizzes & practice tests

  • Expert-support and Q&A forum

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Happy learning!

-Enrique (Certified Excel Expert & Instructor, Maven Analytics)


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Microsoft Excel Certification Exam Prep: MO-201 Excel Expert
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