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Exactly How to reach your Profit Goals on eBay every Month!

Use your existing information on eBay to increase your Sales using an easy Formula specific to eBay Sellers
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Determine the Average Profit made per Item
Determine Sell Through Rate
Determine How many items that need to be sold every month to reach profit Goal
Determine how many Items are needed in inventory to reach profit Goals every month
Putting it all Together Scenarios
Bonus: Excel Spreadsheet for your Daily Sales and a link to SalesCalc in this Course

I will show you a  Formula to use every time you want to increase your sales on eBay to reach a specific profit point that can be used once,every month,or anytime your profit goal changes.This simple formula uses statistics from your eBay account. This formula shows you how to determine your average profit per item, sell through rate,how many items you need to sell each month, and how many items you need in your inventory that is active in your eBay store to successfully reach your sales goal every Month. This information is so important when it comes to reaching your specific sales Profit goal. Without it, you are basically winging it because eBay does not give you this information. Once you learn this formula, you will see a drastic change in your Sales Profit!

Exactly How to reach your Profit Goals on eBay every Month!
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