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Get Your Crowdfunding Superpowers On!

When you finish the course, your campaign is ready to launch... and you'll have the power to materialize money!
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You'll Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Done...100% Ready to Launch!
You'll Have Set Realistic Expectations About What it Takes to Get Your Campaign Funded So You Don't Fail
You'll Learn What Tools Are Out There That Will Save You Tons of Time & Money and Make Your Campaign The Strongest and Best Possible!
You'll get templates you can use to contact influencers and other potential funders... easy peasy!
You'll execute both phases of your Soft Launch as you put your campaign together... building an audience of eager backers before yu even launch!
You'll Have a Customized Brilliant Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing Plan That Will Be Ready to Execute - Step-by-Step At The End of This Course


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"This is something to celebrate! I learned more in this course than I did at an Ivy League Business School - Thank you!"

Rosaria Landona, Economist and Operations Specialist, Washington D.C.

GET YOUR CROWDFUNDING SUPERPOWERS ON - How to Create A Brilliant Crowdfunding Campaign That Gets Fully Funded. This is the first, best, and only course that takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know - and do - to create a brilliant crowdfunding campaign and a brilliant campaign marketing plan too! (Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns with a day-to-day marketing plan get 180% more funding?)

Crowdfunding courses, even good ones, typically give you ideas and general information or advice for creating a campaign. Books and blogs do the same. This course is different. It sets a whole new standard.

When you finish this course, if you do the coursework, you will be 100% ready to launch your crowdfunding campaign on whatever crowdfunding platform you decide. This means you'll be ready to launch your campaign and execute the campaign marketing plan you customize as a part of this course. On top of that, your entire soft-launch will already be in full swing, building an interested audience of targeted funders!

This amazing course is “linear” and it takes you step-by-step, at your pace, through every part of creating and executing a truly brilliant crowdfunding campaign. You don’t just learn what to do…you learn how to do it AND you DO IT as you go through the course!

As you can see by the curriculum below, this is seriously comprehensive and covers every phase and activity included in creating and executing a crowdfunding campaign. This curriculum is based on the highly successful Brilliant Marketing Methodology, a step-by-step program that has helped thousands of successful companies across the globe learn how to best market their products and services...and it's been customized to help you market your idea to crowdfunders.

There are over 30 videos and hands-on exercises, examples, and fantastic supporting materials…all relevant and focused to help you understand and develop those things that will make your campaign a stand-out, funded one!

Your instructor for this course is Kimberlee Hayward, the original author and developer of the Brilliant Marketing Methodology. She presents the information you really need to know and does so in a way that keeps you engaged, excited, and motivated to get your campaign created, launched, and funded! The video lessons are short and sweet (well, most of them anyway); they tell you what you need to do and then send you off with hands-on exercises for creating your campaign. You'll learn the tools you need to use to find funders and those to get your campaign ready and rolling; there's also a host of templates you can use to connect with influencers and other potential funders along the way.

Kimberlee has worked in marketing and training for over 20 years, authored numerous published articles and Amazon e-books (some using a ghost name). She has trained thousands of small businesses to market successfully. She has also taught many businesses, organizations, and students how to create their own websites.

She has a B.S. in Natural Health, magna cum laude. She is certified by the Direct Marketing Association and has consulted with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as with thousands of start-ups and "mom and pop" shops. Her "one true thing" is guiding others to achieve their dreams; that certainly explains her dedication to helping you get your crowdfunding campaign funded! :D


Get Your Crowdfunding Superpowers On!
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