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Physics of Human Evolution

Biophysics and blood as the agent of change
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A simple framework to re-cast thoughts on human evolution

This course addresses evolution of the circulation from fish to man.  In taking this course, you will gain an insight into a mechanical model that maps evolution of the human circulation from fish and that you can use for your own further observation and discovery

There are 21 lectures, split into four sections. Each lecture is only a few minutes long, the entire course less than 60 minutes. It can be taken in one sitting or at your own pace.

In the course, animated and physical models are used to demonstrate key concepts and mechanisms in the anatomic translation. These models can be easily reproduced after the course if desired

There are some details in the latter part of the course for those with more detailed knowledge of human embryology and anatomy. This level of knowledge is not a pre-requisite for taking this course or understanding its general content, but it does serve to validate the bio-physical model. 



Physics of Human Evolution
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