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Buy Hard: Beginners' Guide- Investing in Stocks & Bonds

Understand What Most Other People Do Not
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Students will receive a simple explanation of how to invest in stocks and bonds. We aim to simplify concepts that are normally perceived as complex.

Financial Literacy is grossly under-represented subject matter that most could use to truly impact their lives for the better. Despite many of us being encouraged to get great jobs and work hard so we can one day have whatever we wish for, this is simply not how wealth is built. Rich people do not get rich through hard work as often as they get rich through smart work. As so many of us toil long days, working late at the office, trying to save every penny we can, there are others who have their money working for them. The stock market is one main area in which this applies. Most people are aware of the stock market, but few actually understand it. This class will simplify the basics so that you become part of the enlightened minority. The course covers an introduction to the following: market capitalization;  the pros and cons of different security investments (including stocks, bonds, and options);  how security investments work; how to differentiate between common and preferred stock; the difference between primary and secondary markets; and the appeal and danger of penny stocks. We aim to clarify how this all works for those who feel like the stock market is too boring or confusing to understand.

*Live classes available for schools and private groups. Contact us at [email protected] 

Buy Hard: Beginners' Guide- Investing in Stocks & Bonds
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