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Everything about Big Data for Beginners

A non technical primer for every person who wants to learn more about Big Data.
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What is Big Data
How we process and store Big Data
How we extract value from Big Data
How we manage the flow of Big Data in an organization
How we ensure the security and privacy of Big Data

Almost every organization is using data to make decisions, improve processes or drive profitability.  While it seems trite to say 'data is the new oil'  it is nonetheless the true.  More and more organizations therefore expect their workforce or service providers to be at least conversant with how this Big Data oil functions to enhance and improve organizational decision making.   They expect this degree of working knowledge of Big Data not only from their IT staff but also their non technical staff especially those persons  involved in making and developing  organization goals and strategies.   This is where this course shines - as a non technical but comprehensive high level overview of the things a career or professional person  needs to know about Big Data.   

It answers what is Big Data;  how is Big Data processed;  how is Big Data analysed for insights;  how  is it managed and finally how  to assure  its security and privacy.     The course is organized  into 5 sections with each section covering a main topic  that is further  broken down into one or more sub-topics  delivered in short easy  to follow video and  or article lectures.   There is a quiz and case study assignment for each section.  No IT  knowledge or background is required.  It can be completed with dedicated focus in two days or a week or two if you desire a more leisurely learning pace.

Everything about Big Data for Beginners
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