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Everyday, Practical Programming with Excel VBA

Create Amazing Programs that Make Excel Work For YOU
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Analyze Problems and Program Solutions in Microsoft® Excel® VBA.

You purchase a computer. You keep your software up to date.  Is it about time the computer did something for You? You can have the computer complete hours of work with 0 errors. You can really impress in your job by programming solutions.

In the first two weeks of my last job I attended a meeting about a very important project. This meeting covered the 160-hour first phase of a project. I completed that first phase in 16 hours (two days) using VBA programming. This course covers the techniques I used to create programming like that. In fact, the last example is exactly the problem solved by that programming. This course moves quickly from coverage of the building blocks of programming to documenting and then creating solutions.

Have you ever taken a programming class and then you don't know how to use what you've learned? I frequently work with technical people who took college programming courses that won't volunteer to create a programming solution. They have the knowledge, but have not found real-world programs to work on to increase their confidence. Do you want to see what real, practical programs look like, learn how they work and learn how to think through the analysis, design and development that takes you from beginning to end? This course uses really great examples so whether you have taken one or more programming classes or have no programming experience or training at all you can be prepared to create useful programs that can impress, speed through work and expand your career.

Real-World programming does not start with coding, but with analysis of the task. This course begins at that step. When you have analyzed the problem and understand the building blocks of the programming language, then you can begin coding effectively.

This course includes four hours of video and uses nine, real-world examples to illustrate the creation of programming solutions in Excel® VBA to requests frequently encountered in an IT environment. 

This course includes the following examples: 

Automating the inserting of rows, creation of formulas and application of formatting to make a report, summing up lines of data within groups

Reordering Mailing Labels from One Column to One Column Per Type of Address Information

Comparing two worksheets and Reporting the Differences

Dividing a File into Smaller Files

Opening a File and Finding Matching Lines to Write to a Different File

Doing a lookup of Purchase Detail in One Worksheet, Reducing Inventory Counts in Another worksheet and Presenting the Results as an Invoice in Another Worksheet

Using Active Data Objects to Gather Table Schema from SQL Server® to Programmatically  Create Stored Procedures.

The analysis of a problem consists of asking the right questions and documenting the decision points. This course uses a Free, Flowcharting Program to document the proposed programming solution. This is helpful for confirming programming requirements, determining program flow and identifying initial variables and constants.

Everyday, Practical Programming with Excel VBA
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