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Everyday Mindfulness

Live Your Life More Mindfully With All Five Senses
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Understand What Mindfulness is.
Master Mindfulness Skills for everyday living.
Become a More Mindful Lover.
Turn Your Workouts Into Mindful Meditations.
Use Mindfulness to Strengthen Your Relationships.
Experience Life With All Five of Your Senses.

Everyday mindfulness is the application of the principles and practices of mindfulness to everyday living. To understand what that really means you need to remember that all mindful moments are:

  • present centered

  • non-judgmental

  • non conceptual

  • silent

Present centered means that the focus of mindful moments is always the present, never the past or the future.

Mindful moments are not judgmental. During mindful moments you just notice what is going on in your mind or your environment. You don't judge or evaluate what you are experiencing, you just accept it for what it is.

Mindful moments are not thinking moments. There is a difference between "just noticing" and "thinking." Thinking moments involve "planning", "figuring things out", "sorting things out" and "solving problems."

Mindful moments are always silent moments. Whenever you add speech to a mindful moment you take it to a different conceptual level that takes you out of just noticing and into higher level thinking.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could live it more mindfully with all five senses. You could: 

  • Give your work, school. and training activities the full attention and focus they deserve.

  • Treat each conversation with respect by truly listening to others with understanding.

  • Listen to music, watch a movie, or read a book with your full attention and focus, appreciating every note, scene, and word.

  • Turn each lovemaking session with your partner into a sensual delight that keeps it new and fresh.

  • Transform your meals into mindful eating experiences bursting with color, flavor, and texture.

  • Turn all of your aerobic exercise sessions into moving meditations.

These, and other daily tasks can be made much more rewarding and effective by practicing them more mindfully. This is the goal of the Everyday Mindfulness course.

Everyday Mindfulness
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